Rob Gorrell-Maker

Handmade period lanterns.

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Find your way around with one of Rob’s hand made traditional candle lanterns. Each Lantern is made by hand and based on historic designs.

Lanterns from the 15th through 19th centuries.

Rob bases his designs on lanterns illustrated in period paintings and illustrations. He has also studied lanterns in museums in England, France, Scotland and the US.


Ship Lanterns.

Rob’s ship lanterns are inspired by the lanterns hanging on the HMS Victory, in Portsmouth England.


A passion for history and handwork.

Rob Gorrell has been creating and selling a wide mix of traditional and original work since his early teens in the 1970s. He is currently working mostly with traditional metalworking techniques, with occasional detours.

Rob will work with you to design and create custom lanterns for your particular needs, whether you are a museum, ship owner, living history person, or just someone who like lanterns.