For the last 30 years Rob Gorrell has been working to express his creative side by exploring all kinds of folk art and traditional work methods. This site is an attempt to corral some of his ideas.

Photography by Rob Gorrell.



"Tinsmithing was going to be one of those things I tried out just to learn some new techniques, but I was hooked immediately. Most of my tin items are interpretations of museum pieces." 

Tramp Art

"My tramp art pieces are inspired by Parisian churches, piles of salvaged what-nots, and the work of many great tramp artists that have come before me." 

Folk Art

  "I enjoy the freedom and lack of planning that goes into my folk art pieces. Not every attempt is wonderful, but the process is."

Traditional tinsmithing for camp and home.


Working with Tin, glass, copper and traditional finishes, Rob creates both reproduction and original tin designs.  Currently Rob is exploring 16th-19th century lanterns and other lighting devices. Each piece is made by hand in Rob's small shop, using traditional metal-working hand tools. Some items are closely patterned after original museum exhibits, while others are interpretations based on photos, and artwork from the past few hundred years.

Rob's work fits well into living history events, reenactments and your living room. 



Creating tramp art, one little piece at a time.


Most of Rob's folk art pieces fall into the tramp art style. Each work is created by cutting, carving, painting, and applying multiple layers of wood, metal and salvaged objects. Rob has been influenced by other tramp artists and many works of art that he and his wife have seen in their travels over the years. 


Folk Art Creations by Rob and Shelley Gorrell


 Now and then Rob and Shelley get together and create a really interesting piece of folk art.  Each piece is one of a kind and a collaborative effort between the two artists.