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>May I present, Dork Fish.

Painted Folk ArtRob GorrellComment


 I finally finished the Dork Fish and took some decent photos.  In a previous post I described some of the construction of this project. It is made from all salvaged and reused items.  The fish is carved from salvaged poplar, the fins are parts of tin cans and the bobbers and lures are found.  The background is made from re-worked beer caps,  which I hate to admit, we made available ourselves.

Is calling a fish a dork politically incorrect? He doesn't seem to mind.  He has his pocket protector, pencils, glasses and is ready to go (sorry).

Here you can see some detail of how I put the project together.  The total dimensions are about 17 x 31 inches.

Dork fish is for sale in my Etsy Store .

>Tramp Art Church Box Do Over.

Tramp ArtRob GorrellComment

A while back I made a series of three tramp art cupboards and boxes that were inspired by French cathedrals. I was happy with two of them and they sold pretty fast. The third one however never really worked for me. I kicked it around for a while and finally decided to give it a make-over. Here is what I started with.

To be honest I don't like the proportions, the colors, and the fact that it looks top heavy. Shelly suggested that I add a wider base to the whole thing to balance it out better.

I made a wood base with one large drawer that I think helped quite a bit.
I added a false front to the drawer to be more pleasing with the small upper section drawers. The colors are off on this photo as the paint is really more of a medium brown.

From there I added some rectangular accents to the steeples with hand notched edges. Speaking of edges....

Up to this point I have been carving the majority of my notches with a grinder jig that I found on the internet. However, I find that the hand cut notches look nicer and are more fun to do. So from now on all my regular notches will be hand cut. I may still use a dremel tool here and there, but not much.

The final steps for this make-over were to paint the rest of the cupboard brown and add a multi-step antiqued finish that highlighted the notches and shadows nicely.

Here is the finished cupboard. It measures 32 inches tall, 14.5 inches wide and 6" deep.