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Clifford A- Wallach

Making a tramp art sewing box

Painted Folk Art, Tramp ArtRob GorrellComment

Tramp Art Sewing Box One of the things I find interesting about tramp art is how much of it had some function.  There are plenty of examples of sewing boxes, pin cushions, comb holders and the like.  I am not one to believe that art must have function to have value, but it is nice to be able to make something that has a practical use now and then.  This little sewing box is inspired once again by the collections documented by Clifford A. Wallach.

The project started out with the same size box and decoration as the coin bank that I made previously.The box is made from salvaged pine boards and are really nice for tramp art style carving.

 After carving and applying the parts of the box I gave it a few coats of green paint and distressed the finish.

The pin cushion on top was made from some hand dyed wool that we bought from a local fiber artist. I think it really dresses the box up nicely.

Following are a few pictures of the finished project.  I listed it today on my Etsy store. I can make these in a variety of colors if you need something different.

Tramp art sewing box with open top

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>Tramp Art Cigar Box Cupboard nears completion.

Tramp ArtRob GorrellComment

I finally took some time to work on this cupboard yesterday. I had been procrastinating until I decided what to do with the top. I want this to be a little "shrine" area for small critters. I added a notched strip at the back of the shelves after deciding they were a little boring. Now I like them.

I also framed in the drawer fronts. Next I will add wooden carved knobs to the drawers and try to get the piece finished.

I recently received Tramp Art, Another Notch, Folk Art From the Heart, by Clifford A. Wallach for a great friend. If you want to drool over some amazing tramp art you will want to read this book.