Sometimes you just have to admit that your lousy at something.


I have trying to take photos of my work for years. Anybody else remember slides? It just seems to be something that I do not have the knack for. No matter how many “You can take great product photos with no equipment” YouTube videos I watched, I just couldn’t get what I needed.

Recently I decided to bite the bullet, cowboy up and hire a pro. Local photographer Michelle Waters of Michelle Waters Photography came to the workshop and spent the afternoon taking photographs of my lanterns. We did a whole series of clean background shots and several along a great old whitewashed brick wall. We had planned to do some working shots to show how I work but ran out of time. Project for another day.


I am very happy with the results of Michelle’s work and will be using her work throughout this site. Special thanks to my sweetie Shelley for helping me decide to do this and to Michelle for the great work!

There are new photos of the lanterns that I have in the shop and ready to ship. You can see the lanterns by clicking here.

Rob GorrellComment