Tin lanterns for fun and function.


For the past few weeks I have been spending a lot of my shop time learning more about tinsmithing.  I just finished a series of tin candle lanterns and have been trying to get them up for sale in my Etsy Store.  I have been making a few different designs.  The first is the classic Shaker tin lantern. Shaker inspired tin lantern.

This single candle lantern has a lift up reflector back for lighting and changing the candles. I plan of a more detailed post about this type of lantern later on. I like this lantern and it is the first time I had tried to make the skirted top and handle like this.

The second type of lantern is another classic design with 3 glass sides and a reflective back.  It is similar in design to the Shaker lantern, but with a domed top.Classic-lantern-for-web  I made one of these with the domed glass guards and one without.

The third set of lanterns is the Ship's Lantern that I have made before.  This is another project I hope to write more about soon.

Colonial style hot-dipped tin Ship's Lantern by Rob Gorrell