Makeing a quench tub for my forge.

My most recent coopering project was a quench tub for my forge.  Like the other coopering projects I have posted before, this tub is made from western red cedar with a pine bottom.  The process for cutting the staves is the same as for a smaller bucket, there are just a lot more of them to keep track of. And when the bands fall off during raising, the pile of staves on the floor is larger.  I split out the staves for the  tub and after some fitting  and adjusting had the basic shape raised with temporary bands. It is important at this stage to write numbers on the ends of the staves. That way you know what order to put them back in if you have to take a stave out for trimming, or if the whole thing falls apart into a pile on the bench again.  This situation looks like this:

I did not get any photos of cutting the croze or fitting the bottom this time.  This next photo shows the tub during the final shaping of the outsides of the staves and fitting the final bands to the tub and trimming the rim.

I am still learning to get all of the joints tight and there are a few in this tub that are a little wonky.  I am going to a class at Tillers International soon to make some coooper's tools that I hope will help me make better looking projects in the future.  When the tub was finished and tested, it held water pretty good, only minor seepage.  The tub found a home in my shop as a quench tub for my forge.