Taking the plunge to dump the power tools.

Hi gang. I have been considering switching to primarily hand tools for a long, long time now. Over the years I have developed some sort of allergy, or maybe just a psychological aversion, to the fine sawdust of power tools. Even with noisy dust collection systems and masks I would still end up flat-out in a migrainal haze after a full Saturday in the shop. Also, I really, really hate flat wood.After years of building average stuff with average, at best, power tools, I am taking the plunge and have been slowly ridding my shop of power tools for my fun projects. I am keeping the corded stuff in storage for when I need to do house repairs though. I have been taking classes in coopering, tinsmithing and very beginning blacksmithing and am retooling the shop for these activities. It is amazing how much easier it is to keep the shop clean when I don't go blasting sub-micron sized dust all over the place. And the quiet! My God I can hear the music on the cd player!!

But.......I am having much distress over hauling the table saw to storage. What I want to do is store the table saw and just keep the 14" band saw for hogging wood into general shape. I use the bandsaw probably 10 to 1 over the table saw. If I ban the table saw, then the last of the large dust collection system goes with it which will open up a great chunk of floor space for my pole lathe, which is crammed against the wall right now. However, abandoning the table saw is like giving up peanut butter.

I need a support group. I need to rip off the band aid (plaster to you fellows I think) and just do it.  I was discussing this on the Bodger's Ask and Answer forum recently and a fellow named Gavin, owner of Shed Therapy coined the phrase "Power Tool separation Anxiety (PTSA)".  Not trying to make fun of any of the real conditions out there, but this seemed like a pretty good description. I don't like the power tools, I want rid of them, but I can't seem to take them out altogether.

But to my original point. I can attribute the final decision to a few things. This website, Roy Underhill in all his goofy sageness, and Christopher Swartz's book, The Anarchist's Tool Chest. Even if you never plan to build any square and flat in your life you should read  this book.

So, should I toss the table saw?