Tramp Art Sewing Box - continued.


I got a chance to work on the new sewing box for another couple hours. I am almost ready to start putting a finish on the box.  If you missed the earlier post where I started the box, click here. I had been putting off working on the back of the sewing box because I was not sure what to do about the way the lid opened. I finally decided to go ahead and put the floral cutouts on without wrapping a full frame around them. tramp-art-sewing-box-back-parts This seemed like a decent way to keep the flowers the same all the way around. It's not a perfect solution, but I went with it.  Here you can see the parts cut out. The difficulty is that when the lid opens the back of the lid rotates into the box, so I can't put anything on the very back of the lid.

After edging the rectangles and easing the flowers I ended up here:Tramp-art-jewelry-box-back

The plan is to add dowels to the top to hold spools of thread. This was pretty straightforward with a walnut dowel rod and one more layer of pine.  I got to use my favorite little low angle block plane. A low angle block plane is great for planing end grain and for taking very fine shavings on small parts. This particular plane is made by Lie-Nielson, but there are several companies that make them.

I cut out and camfered the edges of the spool bases and added them to the box lid.  Ahhh, nearly ready for the tray and finish.  I made a small tray, nice and square, to fit inside of the tramp art sewing box, which turns out, is not all that square. After a little benchtop sander work it fit.tramp-art-sewing-box-inside

So here is what the project looked like at the end of the evening:

Do you ever get nearly finished with a project and have one of those "Oh crap" moments?  I do....

In this case I neglected to notice that the side of the lid are not the same width as the ends. So when I stuck the spools of thread on the top to see how it looked the dowels were to close to the middle on two sides. Crap. Luckily the glue had not dried and I could pry two sides off to be fixed next time.

One of these days I will learn to draw out a project before I start.  More later.

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