Building a Tramp Art Street Sign


A while back Shelley came home with an antique street sign that said "E Rose Street" and wanted me to build a tramp art style frame around it to hang in our rose garden.  For once, a simple project. The metal sign was a little heavy so I made a fairly wide pine frame and glued the sign inside of the frame as you can see here:Tramp art rose sign roughed in.

The next step was to add the tramp art layer. Since this hangs outside in the weather I kept the design very simple.  I only added one layer of the edge carved pine. This was when I was still using the grinder jig to cut notches. I don't use that setup anymore, but you can see in this photo what the notches looked like.Tramp art rose sign closeup

To finish up the project I painted the wood with a couple coats of white exterior latex paint. I added eye hooks on top and hung the sign from a cast iron bracket. 

This was a quick project that worked out pretty good. It has been hanging outside for a year or so now and is beginning to get a little "patina".


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