I've started a new tramp art sewing box.

Ages ago I had started to build a tramp art clock that would have flower cutouts incorporated. As it often happens, I changed the design mid-stream. So I ended up with these flower things cut out and laying in a box for a couple years. Since I sold the little green tramp art sewing box, I wanted to start a new one with a larger box.  Here is the nice fancy cigar box that I started with.

Cigar box for tramp art sewing box
Cigar box for tramp art sewing box

This piece will be have a lift out shelf inside for supplies and a pincushion incorporated into the top. I have not quite worked out how I want to do the top yet.  You can see a few of the flower cutouts to the side. I found this particular floral design in one of Bernard Mason's books from the 1930's. He lists this design as one used by native americans on birch bark basket decoration.

This next photo was taken after the first evenings work. I had the front design pretty well worked out.  I wanted to have the flowers sort of go behind the layers visually. When I am finished there will be another layer or two on the flowers. I am using more of the pine from previous projects for the decoration on this box. It carves really easy as long as I am careful not to over cut and split off the points.

Tramp art sewing box at the end of day one.

The next time I post on this project I should have the front and sides ready for whatever finish I decide to use.

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