>When you've made a Dork Fish, Punk Fish must follow.


>Usually when I get on a kick to make something I will cut out parts for a few of the item. Part of the reason I do this is my more production oriented past with rustic furniture, and partly because I figure at some point I will screw up part of the job and have to start over.  Every now and then things go well and I end up with sort of a series of variations on a theme. In this case it is a fish series I guess. When I was making Dork Fish I kept thinking of this box of old nails used to fasten wooden plaster lath that I had been hoarding for years.  The idea of using the nails to make wild hair on something kept rolling around in my head. Then, while looking through some old guide books for England I saw photos from the punk period and, as they say over the pond, "Bob's your uncle", Punk Fish.

So after some more folk art style carving, paint distressing, and so on, here is Punk Fish:

I have to admit that we did not see anything quite like this in London, but it's a big city, we could have missed it. Oh, and if you are planning a trip to the UK, check the Iceland Volcano situation....
Here is a close up of our man Punk Fish:
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