>A whittling treasure is discovered.

>A few weeks ago my in-laws brought a plastic box of wood carvings over to the house and wanted to know if we could design and make a display for the pieces.  Here is what was in the box!

I have seen a variety of folk art whittling in museums and books, but this is the first time I have really gotten my hands on a group like this. They were made by Douglas Uhl. He worked a sand and gravel "digger" dredge on the Ohio River in the late 1930's. It seems that Douglas made these tools while on the river.  Douglas was also a woodworker and was my wife's grandfather.

A few of the tools have inlays which were salvaged from a guitar that he found floating in the river. I am assuming that some of the tools are made from wood pulled out of the river also, but do not know that for sure.

There are many carving books out there that give some information on this type of whittling. One of my favorites is Whittling and Woodcarving, by E.J. Tangerman.  I think I like it as much for the 1930's illustrations as for the instructions.

I am looking forward to building a nice folk art display to house this family treasure.

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