>Making a Tramp Art coin bank from scrap wood.


     My brother and his wife are building a log home and I have been helping here and there with rustic trim work and window frames.  It turns out that the scraps from the trim work are perfect for tramp art carving. 
     The pine that was sawn for the house is very clear and soft. It carves with almost no effort.  This has come as a great relief since the walnut that I have been trying to hand carve was much harder to work with.  This pine still splits out if you cut too aggressively, but does better than the walnut and more sappy pine that I have in the shop.
     This little project is a coin bank. It is modeled after an antique in Tramp Art, Another Notch by Clifford A. Wallach.  I thought it was a nice functional piece of folk art and wanted to make my version of the design.
The box is about a 4" cube of 1/4" pine.  I cut out all the pieces before I started cutting the notches. This allows me to go kind of Zen with the notching.
Oops. This happens sometimes when I pre-cut the pieces. The notches went a little deeper than I expected in this softer wood. So I had to re-cut some of the upper layer sections.
Here is where I left off before painting.  It took me about three hours to get to this point.  I am happy with the design overall, though in hindsight I wish I had dome something besides the little wheels in the middle.  But I think it will all work together when I get the finish applied.  The plan is to give it a distressed two color finish.
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