>Finished Tramp Art Jewelry Display

>I finally finished a group of the Jewelry displays I talked about in my last post. I started out making a few of them in dark colors, but as things went along I found that I did not like them. Soooooo, more paint. Because as Dolly Parton said, "A good coat of paint will make any old barn look good". Gotta love Dolly. I ended up using a heat gun to blister the dickens out of the paint layers. The final finish nearly fills up some of the tramp art carving, which I think really works for these boxes.

Once again the final product is different from the original idea a little bit. But it works for me, this time. So these will go on my website and Etsy instead of going into the wood stove with previous disasters. Like I always say,"What won't sell will burn".

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