>A New Tramp Art Collaboration.

>Shelley has been working hard to develop here skills as a jewelry artist lately and has been making some great silver jewelry. One of her latest designs has her really excited and she came to me with an idea to make a tramp art display stand to present the necklace.

I think the necklace is really great and we put our heads together for the design. Shelley came up with a rough sketch of what she imagined and I started working from there.

Here is the sketch.

I had purchased a small pile of reject wood boxes recently and it turns out that they are perfect for this project. I took the doors off of the boxes and laid them aside for another upcoming project. I try hard not to waste any more material than I have to.

From here I added a base and a tramp art framed border on the fronts of the boxes. I am working on five of these at the moment. We will be adding a variety of crests to the top of the boxes before painting and finishing.

Inside of the box I added a wire to display a few beads and will be adding a hanger under the top to hang the necklace Shelley made.

So here is where the boxes stand at the moment:

One of my major goals as an artists/craftsman (whatever) is to reduce the amount of electricity that goes into making my work. Some projects involve more hand tools than others. This particular series makes a lot of use of a rotary carving tool as opposed to hand cut notches. But I did get to use one of my antique hand planes to ease the edges of the bases.

I hope to have an update in a week with more images and thoughts.