>An update on the rustic garden.

>Well it is hotter than .....well it's damn hot. I don't know if the little rustic garden is going to survive the heat wave so I thought I would post a couple photos of how it is working out at the moment. We have been trying to change our yard from something you just mow and weed into a more productive food source. Back in the spring I build a group of willow supports for veggies and reused some containers and a rusted wheel barrow for lettuce and herbs. We have been eating a lot of lettuce so far. The tomatoes are coming on along with summer squash and cucumbers. The green beans didn't make it. Time will tell on the winter squash.

The main problem now is getting enough water to the plants. Everything is baking on the driveway in this heat and I have been watering some stuff twice a day.

The willow structure is working pretty good. The squash is really climbing. I was inspired to try to build some sort of overhead arbor by the extensive gardens at Chenonceau in France. The gardens there are HUGE. They made extensive use of rustic trellises and arbors. I don't think my plants will ever do as well as theirs.