>A few new rustic garden projects

>The rain has finally stopped and we are deep into our garden and yard projects. I thought I would post these to show why I haven't been posting much tramp art lately.

I have been trying to grow vegetables for a few seasons in our back yard. Most of it turns out to be too shady for many veggies. But we have found that we can grow strawberries and blueberries really well.
This year we added some more berries and I needed to build a new bird screen over the plot. This is what we came up with. The previous cover was made from willow twigs which kept snagging the bird screening when we tried to open the side to pick berries. This rustic cage is made in such a way that we can roll up the sides to pick fresh blueberries and still have a nice open feel to the area.

We decided to move the vegetables to the driveway since it gets full sun most of the time. Of course this meant that everything had to go into containers. This gave us a great opportunity to have some fun with rustic and salvaged materials for our garden. Time will tell how well this will work. In the coming days I will be building a rustic trellis over our tomatoes and squash that will be inspired by the gardens of Chenonceau France.

And finally, Shelley reworked the rustic tin and wood Celtic cross that I made last summer. She whitewashed the old tin and created a new shrine area in a shady corner of the yard.