>Tramp Art Church Box Do Over.

A while back I made a series of three tramp art cupboards and boxes that were inspired by French cathedrals. I was happy with two of them and they sold pretty fast. The third one however never really worked for me. I kicked it around for a while and finally decided to give it a make-over. Here is what I started with.

To be honest I don't like the proportions, the colors, and the fact that it looks top heavy. Shelly suggested that I add a wider base to the whole thing to balance it out better.

I made a wood base with one large drawer that I think helped quite a bit.
I added a false front to the drawer to be more pleasing with the small upper section drawers. The colors are off on this photo as the paint is really more of a medium brown.

From there I added some rectangular accents to the steeples with hand notched edges. Speaking of edges....

Up to this point I have been carving the majority of my notches with a grinder jig that I found on the internet. However, I find that the hand cut notches look nicer and are more fun to do. So from now on all my regular notches will be hand cut. I may still use a dremel tool here and there, but not much.

The final steps for this make-over were to paint the rest of the cupboard brown and add a multi-step antiqued finish that highlighted the notches and shadows nicely.

Here is the finished cupboard. It measures 32 inches tall, 14.5 inches wide and 6" deep.