>Starting a new twig chair.

>I have been wanting to build a new rustic chair for a while now and have finally moved some wood into the shop to begin the project. This pine was gathered along the interstate where a hillside had been cleared and a lot of wood was left to rot. Since this wood has been down a while I will have to treat it for critters at some point. More on that later.The new chair will be in the same theme as the one above that I made a couple years ago. I have a few oars, but the back will be something other than a snowshoe. I'm not exactly sure what yet. The first step was to get the wood into the shop.

In the past I would throw the pile on the floor and trip over it for a while until I got around to making something. In a fit of organization I decided to trim all the bad spots out and organize the pile for a change. So now I am here:

My next step will be to start fiddling around with the different twigs to get an idea of how the chair might look in different arrangements.

With spring coming on and all the yard work to be done, this chair may take a while to complete. I hope to give regular updates.

Coming up: Bungee cord joinery.If you are interested in making your own chairs I highly recommend that you read Dan Mack's books on rustic furniture.