>A place to put your pencils.

>So who still uses pencils anyway? I do. But maybe it's only a woodworker thing nowadays. I have one of the cool old hand cranked pencil sharpeners in the shop like we had in school (OK yes, I am over 40).

So anyway, here is a sort of chronology of a project I have made several of. It is a tramp art pencil box, though I suppose you could put whatever you want in there.

I start with thin layers of carveable wood, in this case, some discarded walnut. I re-sawed the boards and planed them to about 1/4" thick, maybe a little less. Then the various sizes were cut so that they descend in size and the layers build up.

This photo shows all the pieces for a box notched and ready to assemble.

Finally, here is a finished walnut tramp art pencil box, complete with a handle made from salvaged lightning rod wire from an old barn.