>Walnut Tramp Art Cupboard is Finished.

I put the finishing touches on this little cupboard last weekend. After my last post I decided that I wanted to carve some simple wood knobs for the drawers and add another notched layer to the drawer fronts. In this layer I carved rounded notches instead of V notches. Looking at it now I wish I had done the drawer fronts with thinner layers to give it a more refined look. But I am happy with the cupboard overall. Here is a close-up of the drawers . Here is a shot of the knobs in progress:

If any of you are doing tramp art I would be very interested in comparing notes and techniques. The old saying goes something along the lines of 'Ask 10 woodworkers how to do something and you will get 10 different answers'. I find this to be very true and always learn something when I talk to another artisan.

Thanks for taking a look today. I will be listing this cupboard on my website and Etsy store.