>Walnut cigar box tramp art cupboard is started.


Following the success of my recent showing at the Wheeling Artisan Center, I decided to make a few more small cupboards based on cigar boxes. I have been gathering boxes for a little while and was able to get three different cupboards started. This post concentrates on the early stages of the first design.

For this design I stacked 5 cigar boxes with spacers in between the boxes. I removed the front and made small drawers to go in four of the boxes. The top box will be open with a small shelf. Here I still have the lid on the top box but later decided to remove the lid and have the top box open.

After assembling the boxes I started edge carving and adding the thin layers of walnut. The walnut is salvaged from a pile of lumber that was too thin and knotty for a picture frame maker to use. So far, all the parts of this project are salvaged or re-used in some way (accept for the nails and glue).

Check back after Christmas. I hope to have more of the cupboard finished and posted by the end of the month.