>Tramp Art Mantle Clock


One of the most recent Tramp Art projects that I finished is my Tramp Art Mantle Clock. It went on display at the Wheeling Artisan Center last night and sold in about an hour. Now that is a good feeling.

The clock took a while to make because I switched designs part way through. It was going to be covered in a design based on Native American basket designs that looked like flowers and leaves. Unfortunately when I got them cut out and started getting it together it really, really, was not working out in an attractive manner. So I started again with this design which I am very happy with.

Beer caps, brass tacks, salvaged wood, and wooden knobs were incorporated into the design in a three color paint scheme. It is also the first piece of mine to have scalloped notches along with the standard "V" notch. The different notch shapes add interest to the shadows on the clock and I plan to add more variety in future creations.