>Tramp Art Frame After Dark

>Sometimes a project starts one way and ends up completely different from what the artist imagined. This Tramp Art style frame started out as two items needing to be something; a mirror from 1949 and some orangish red glass disks that we had stashed away.

I started with the basic frame and built up a couple edge-carved layers around the disks. I added a salvaged crest and brackets....and there it sat, for weeks. I could not decide how to finish it. Initially I was thinking of something kind of circus inspired with lots of red and yellow paint. But it just wasn't working for me.

Then we went to Paris on vacation. We spent the evenings walking around watching the city lights, the reflections in the Seine the starry skies and all the shadows on the ancient churches. Now I knew how to finish this frame.
Here is the frame nearly finished after adding the shelf, more tramp art carving and brass tacks for stars and midnight blue distressed paint.

But it still wasn't quite right. Shelley looked at it and suggested that I add more tacks to the front crest to make the whole thing more cohesive. We also decided to use a gold paint pen to accent the sunburst carved into the top crest and a few lines in the brackets on the front corners. This along with the antique mirror really pulled the project together for me. I am happy with the outcome.

This frame will be part of my exhibit at the Wheeling Artisan Center in November.

Here is the finished frame. I plan on having a better image of the frame on my website soon.