>New tramp art church box underway.

>Final Church Box in series underway.

I have been working on a three piece series of tramp art cupboards that are influenced by church architecture. I have seen images of a number of antique tramp art items based on churches and crosses and wanted to try to incorporate the influences into my designs.
All three pieces are based on a small cupboard with either 6 0r 7 salvaged drawers.

The first tramp art church box was a study in triangles for the steeples. I also added some small metal scrollwork pieces to the steeples that you cannot see in this image. I plan to have much better images on my website soon.

This cupboard is painted off whites and pale greens that remind me of the faded and mossy stonework in some of the European churches that we saw on vacation a couple years ago.

The second in the series took a slight turn when Shelley and I were talking about the idea of incorporating a tryptic into a tramp art piece. So I guess this cupboard is more on a church interior work.

I wanted to present the idea of something exciting hidden inside a plain box, in the way that some religious icons are hidden in plain cupboards to be opened on special occasions.

The doors are covered in very rusty and weathered tin roof shingles from an old one-room post office. The outside of the cupboard is simply finished walnut. But when the box is opened to reveal the three panels inside.....POW.
The third and final tramp art church box in the series is underway. As you can sort of see in this picture, I am incorporating more curved elements into the steeples.
I have not been working on it much lately as I have been rewiring and rearranging my shop, and getting ready to go to the Woodlander's Gathering.
When I get back I will be adding much more detail to the steeples and drawer fronts.
All three of these pieces will be part of my show at the Wheeling Artisan's Center in Wheeling WV, Nov 5-28.