>New White Willow Loveseat for the porch.


I finally got around to building the new love seat for our porch that Shelley has been after me to build. The old one was did not really go with the other chairs I made a few years ago. You can see the chairs on the near side of this picture.

I cut the willow a couple of months ago along the Ohio River and peeled the bark while it was fresh. If you wait too long the bark is difficult to remove. I let the willow to dry a few weeks to make it easier to paint.

The design for this love seat is sort of like an adirondack chair. I use the willow for the frame and pine boards for the seat, arms and back. This makes for a very comfortable love seat or chair that mixes the adirondack chair and twig chair themes.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the completed frame to show how the slats were made and put on the frame. So here is the completed twig love seat on the porch.