Tramp art church cupboard is nearly finished.


Tramp Art Church Cupboard is nearly finished.

The first in a three piece series of "Church Boxes" is nearing completion. Over the weekend I finished the tramp work and started the painting process. I tried some new things on this piece includeing adding some beads and jewelry parts. The glass knobs on the drawers were cylindrical glass beads that kept cracking and falling off, so I changed them to square wood pulls.
I first painted the box with a mixture of golden yellow colors. That layer was distressed then painted an off white. This was distressed then painted with a light coat of white. The next photo is before I did the last of the distressing.
In the next few days I will finish this piece up and get it posted. The next Cupboard in this series will have taller steeples and will have more of a southwest theme to it. Stay tuned.