>Twig Table update. Almost finished.


Tanya's table is nearly finished. The top has been shaped and sanded and the beaver chewed willow base is complete. All that is left to do is brush on a finish of Earth friendly water based polyurethane.

The base is assembled with mortise and tenon joinery. I used the Veritas tenon cutters and Irwin bits to cut the joints and yellow glue as the adhesive. The willow was extremely dry and wanted to chatter in the cutters. But a sharpened cutter took care of the problem. Sharp tools are a must. The bottom photograph shows the assembled frame before I fitted the top.

In order to get the top boards to lay flat I used a rasp and draw knife to smooth and shape the willow rungs to fit the barn wood top. Getting old warped barn wood to lay flat and look good on twisty twig rungs usually takes me a few rounds of rasping and fitting to get just the right shape.

So this project is nearly ready to deliver. I will add a final photo later. In the meantime I have several yard projects to get on as soon as the rain stops.