>Returning a favor from a friend.


About a year ago an artist friend said to me at a gallery opening, "I have this barn full of stuff you should dig through and see what you can use." Well anyone who reuses materials knows that this is a must do situation. Over the summer I gathered some great lightning rod wire, rusty tin, some barn wood, a couple cool doors, and some odds and ends. In return for the materials I was to make her a table using some of the barn wood I salvaged.
This entry is the first of a couple that will focus on building the table. It is to be a variation of a peeled willow table I made several years ago. This table will be made using beaver-chewed willow gathered from along the Ohio River last summer. The wood has dried and will work well for the table frame.
1. The Materials

After drying over the winter these willow saplings are ready to turn into furniture. I selected four pieces with the ends completely chewed by beaver. Using beaver-chewed wood adds a level of uniqueness to a creation.
Three pieces of barn wood are going to be used for the top. The pieces were lightly planed to smooth the top without loosing all of the character of the barn wood. In this photo you can see that I have begun to layout and cut the boards into the serpentine design for the top. The boards were cut free-hand on the band saw and will be sanded smooth.

Next time: The Frame.