Provisional Replacement Company U

5th Provisional Replacement Battalion

The Provisional Replacement Company U was established on 5 May 1944 as Company “U”, 5th Provisional Replacement Battalion. Authority for activation: Par. III, General Order No. 2, Hqs., 9th Replacement Depot, APO 545, dated 5 May 1944 authorized establishment. The company was established at Camp 18, Wells, Somerset, England.

Original cadre for the company were drawn from the 9th Repl. Depot, APO 545 and 2nd Repl. Depot, APO 117. The company strength developed as follows:

            Strength at activation: 0

            5 May 1944      2 Enlisted men added, per Par. 2, SO 109, Hqs, 2nd Repl. Depot.

            6 May 1944      4 officers, per Par. 22, SO 24, Hqs., 9th Repl. Depot.

            9 May 1944      29 enlisted men added, Par. 7, SO 27, Hqs, 9th Repl. Depot

  The company was organized under T/O 20-7.

  Provisional Replacement Company U was commanded by the following:

Julian Marcinkowski, Capain, 0-450607, Infantry; 6 May 1944 to 1 October 1944 report date. Brief civilian and military history. Birthdate and place:  20 June 1917, St. Louis, Missouri. Attended grade school, Private school, and was graduated High School in June, 1935.  Enlisted in U.S. Army 10 August 1935, 6th Infantry, Jefferson Barracks, Missouri.  Continuous service as an enlisted man until 30 September 1941. Discharged as Staff Sergeant. Commissioned 1 October 1941.

            Richard K. Irvin, 1st Lt., Infantry, signed the 17 June 1944 report.

            Carroll G. Kitss, 2nd Lt., Cav., signed monthly reports in August and September 1944.

            Fred R. Bowers, 1st Lt., CMP, from 3 Oct 44 to 25 October 1944.

     The company was attached to the following:

             333rd Repl. Co. from 5 May to 12 May 1944, for rations and quarters only;

209th Repl. Co. from 12 May 1944 to 11 July 1944 for rations, quarters and indoctrination as to duties. 

             Unattached from 209th Repl. Co. 11 July 1944.

             54th Replacement Battalion, 8 September 1944 to 11 October repot date.

     The following organizations were attached to Company “U”:

            160th Quartermaster Salvage Reclamation Shoe Depot from 11 July 44 to 7 August 44 for rations;

            507th Medical Collecting Co, (Sep.) from 16 July 44 to 6 August 44 for rations and quarters.

            Hq and Hq Det., 5th Provisional Replacement Battalion from 10 August 44 to 17 August 44 for rations.

The company made the following movements:

Left Camp 18, Wells, Somerset at 1430 hours, 12 May 1944 and arrived Camp 15, Street, Somerset at 1500 hours, motor convoy; four (4) Officers and thirty one (31) EM;

Left East Camp 15, Street, Somerset at 1345 hours, 7 August 44 and arrived Parkhouse “A”, Tidworth, Salisbury Place at 1700 hours; motor convoy, four (4) officers and thirty one (31) EM;

Left Parkhouse “A”, Tidworth, Salisbury Place at 1930 hours, 16 Aug 44 and arrived Tidworth Barracks, Hants, Salisbury Place at 1945 hours; motor convoy; four (4) officers and thirty one (31) EM.

Left Hants, Salisbury Place (Tidworth Barracks) 7 Sept 44 and arrived at Tidworth Bks, Wilts on that date; four (4) officers and thirty one (31) EM.

     As of the 7 July 1944 report:

Replacement Company “U” was in charge of the East Camp of Camp 15 in Street, Somerset.  All its casual and cadre enlisted men were quartered in hutments.  All enlisted men ate in one mess hall, the officers having their own dining room.  One kitchen cooks for both the enlisted men and officers.

The function of this Replacement Company is the reception, administration, supply, training and preparation for transfer of replacements, as directed by higher authority.

Since its arrival in Street, Somerset, Replacement Company “U” has processed about 200 casual officers and 2000 enlisted men.  These men have been sent to other organizations for assignment.  Some of the men leaving this camp went on detached service to special schools.  After completing prescribed courses, they returned and were shipped to other organizations for assignment. This company has also processed package units formed at this camp.

             Roster of Officers as of 7 July 1944.

       Name                            Rank                     ASN                 Titular function

Marcinkowski, Julian                Capt.                0450607           Company Commander

Irvin, Richard K                          1st Lt                0354527           Police and Prison Officer

Hayes, Vern A                          2nd Lt                01017445         Orientation Officer

Mueller, Benjamin C                2nd Lt                01017095         Supply and Mess Officer


            Roster of Personnel as of 7 July 1944

Stelnicki, Mitchel         1/Sgt    35019069         Jakob, Albert J             Pvt       35044562

Oakes, James    H         S/Sgt    14010719         Kaminski, John A         Pvt       33696742

Pirell, Paul                    S/Sgt    32276285         Manbeck, William G    Pvt       37676159

Donahue, Richard         Sgt      17160935         Metzinger, Joseph E     Pvt       35235415

Harrington, Robert H    Sgt       11080170         Murphy, Albert J          Pvt       31308135

Ciaravino, Joseph S      T/4      32180922         Nimz, James A             Pvt       36876060

Braccio, Charles           T/5      32180244         Oliver, William F          Pvt       33610677

Fagan, Bernard J           T/5      32190306         McKethan, Geddie W   Pvt       39410022

Hothem, Paul J            Pfc       35421327         Pierce, George              Pvt       34801179

Bernhardt, Richard H    Pvt       35913818         Pooker, Chester W        Pvt       37401081

Brant, John H               Pvt       37553022         Ruiz, Ysidro C             Pvt       39857857

Cogniet, Charles J        Pvt       33418418         Schmitz, Robert R        Pvt       37538280

Duncan, Raymond R     Pvt       38478931         Shangraw, George A     Pvt       42023115

Farbanec, Edward G     Pvt       42010017         Williams, Cyril L          Pvt       37664061

Frest, Louis J                Pvt       36689194         Zajac, John                  Pvt       36730386

Howard, Leonard R      Pvt       31389595




     From the 11 October 44 report:

               Provisional Replacement Company “U”, 54th Replacement Battalion, at present located at Tidworth, Wilts, England (map coordinates VU 6869 Ordnance Survey Ten Mile Map of Great Britain).

                Facilities:  While stationed at Parkhouse “A”, all troops were quartered in pyramidal tents. Scattered Nissan hut type buildings were utilized to house the mess hall and kitchen and the company orderly room.

               Following movement to the Mooltan area and subsequently to the Lucknow area (a permanent British post), the company orderly room was set up in a wooden building adjoining the brick quarters used to house the cadre and replacement enlisted men. The enlisted men’s mess for cadre and replacements occupies one of the adjoining brick buildings adaptable for the purpose.

               The function of Provisional Replacement Company “U” has been the reception, administration and transfer of replacements and casuals to units in the European Theater of Operations as directed by Depot and Battalion Headquarters.

     Subsequent to this company’s attachment to the 54th Replacement Battalion, 12th Replacement Depot, and the company’s movement to the Lucknow area, the function of this company was changed to that of administration and assisting in the general training program of converting service troops to Infantry riflemen.

     From 1 July 1944 to 30 September 1944 this company processed approximately 3000 officers and enlisted men, the majority of whom entered transient packages, but some of whom were transferred to school centers.


Appendix “A” from the 11 Oct. 44 report

Roster of Officers & Functions:  Duties.                                                                                                                               


      Officer                               Attached                      July               August                September           

Marcinkowsck, Julian               8 May 44 per         Commanding     Commanding          Commanding

Captain, Infantry                      par 22 SO 24                                   Voting Officer        Voting Officer

0450607                                   9th Repl Depot

                                                Dated 6 May 44


Irvin, Richard K                       8 May 44 per          Police &           Police &

1st Lt, Infantry                          par 22 SO 24          Sanitation         Sanitation

0354527                                   9th Repl Depot       Officer              Officer


                                                                                                      Trfd 17 Aug

                                                                                                      44 per par 2

                                                                                                       SO 126 9th

                                                                                                      Repl Depot

                                                                                                     16 Aug 44


Mueller, Benjamin C                8 May 44 per         Mess Officer    Supply Off             Supply Off

2nd Lt, Cavalry                          par 22 SO 24         Supply Officer Alternate                Alt Voting

01017095                                 9th Repl Depot                                 Voting                    Officer

                                                Dtd 6 May 44                                 Officer


Hayes, Vern A                          8 May 44 per       Orientation       Administative      Administrative

2nd Lt, Cavalry                          par 22 SO 24        Officer               Officer                   Officer

01017045                                 dtd 6 May 44


Kitts, Carroll G                         17 Aug 44 per                                 Mess Officer          Mess Officer

2nd Lt, Cavalry                          par 22 SO 126

01011441                                 9th Repl Depot

                                                Dtd 16 Aug 44


This unit was disbanded per par 41, SO 218, 28 Oct 44, Hq 12th Repl Depot.