Rob Gorrell

The best way to understand objects from our past is to learn how to make and use them.

The Ideas

 Throughout life Rob has been inspired by history, nature, and the artistic way of being.  

Rob's continuously changing creations reflect his endless curiosity about reflecting the world, past and present, through his hands and heart.

My desk 1.jpg

Style & Quality

 Rob is constantly studying and incorporating new methods into his creations.  He is not a MASTER anything, but puts his full effort into creating the best product that he can.  

Rob's style is honest, and respectful of the makers who have come before him. He strives to represent the past, while still adding his own touches to each project.

beetlejuice #2.jpg

100% Handmade

 Every item on this site is made 100% by Rob Gorrell in his workshop. He uses primarily traditional hand tools and traditional techniques in his work, though a few power tools sneak in on occasion. All of the tinwork is created with hand powered tools.


me painting.jpg