This project came about because I wanted to know more about what my grandfather, Robert S. Butcher, did during World War II.  In the end it became a history of the 54th Replacement Battalion, and continuing research into the other units that he served in.  I have been working on this off and on for 10 years and the following pages are the latest attempt to organize the information and seek help in answering the open questions. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or with any additional information you might have to share.


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The 54th Replacement Battalion.

 The 54th Replacement Battalion worked to train, equip and transport reinforcements to forward combat units.  Robert Butcher was the mechanic for the Headquarters Detachment from May 1943 to late 1944.

The 12th Replacement Depot.

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The Truck Driver Mystery.

 During the period of the "Red Ball Express", Robert Butcher was assigned to a detachment of truck drivers, but the records are frustratingly thin.

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The 388th Military Police BN

 Starting sometime in early 1945 Robert Butcher became part of the 388th Military Police, moving POW's and protecting trains full of supplies.