Rob Gorrell - Folk Artist

I know it is a little late, but here are some of my lanterns that are finished and ready to ship. I have been playing around with designs and finishes so a few of these lanterns are one of a kind.

526th Reinforcement Company

     Attached to 54th Reinforcement Battalion 27 October 1944 to 1 November 1945. REBN-54

The company was inactivated effective 2 November 1945, per Letter, Hq, US forces, ETO, AG322-AGO 22 September 1945, Subject: Redesignation and Inactivation of Certain Reinforcement Units.REBN-54


 The 526th was detached from the 54th Reinforcement Battalion and assigned to the 9th Reinforcement Depot on 2 December 1944, per Troop Assignment #31, Hq, GFRS, ETO, 2 Dec 44.