12th Replacement Depot

The 325th Replacement Company was activated 25 February 1944, at Camp Cooke, California, per Activation Orders – Par 1 General Order 33, Army Service Forces, Headquarters 9th Service Command, Fort Douglas, Utah, dated 17 February 1944.

 The unit was commanded by the following:

Erford H Bedient, 1st Lt.            Commanding Officer, 3 March 1944 to 30 July 1944.

Alex (NMI) Schmitt, 2nd Lt.      Company officer (2136.9),  29 February 1944 to 22 March 1944

Joseph (NMI) Schneider, 2nd Lt., Executive Officer (2136.8)  7 March 1944. Relieved as Executive Officer May 19444 and assigned as Company Officer, (2136.9) 1 May 1944

Ernest O. Hebestreit, 2nd Lt.,   Company Officer (2136.9) 9 April 1944. Transferred 30 May 1944

William G. Kapphan, 2nd Lt.    24 April 1944 Company Officer (2136.9), Appointed Executive Officer (2136.8), 1 May 1944. Appointed 1st Lt. 6 May 1944.

Solomon A. Aber, 2nd Lt.         Company Officer (2136.9) 25 May 1944.


Roster of Officers – Corrected and Present 10 Ocober 1944

Lewis M. Rozeen, 1st Lt.          Commanding Officer (2136.7) -31 July 1944

William G. Kapphan, 1st Lt.    Executive Officer (2136.8) – Supply Officer

Solomon A. Aber, 2nd Lt.         Company Officer (2136.9) – Administative Officer

Joseph (NMI) Schneider 2nd Lt. Company Officer (2136.9) – Mess Officer

     The 325th Replacement Company was attached to the following organizations:

95th Replacement Battalion   2 March 1944 – 7 June 1944

Separate Company, APO 545   7 June 1944 – 30 June 1944

95th Replacement Battalion, APO 545, 1 July 1944 – 16 August 1944

54th Replacement Battalion, APO 551, 16 August 1944 – 23 Sept 1945.

     The Company made the following movements:

               Camp Cooke, California to Boston Port of Embarkation, 7 June 1944 to 13 June 1944. Four (4) Officers and 31 Enlisted Men.

               Boston Port of Embarkation to European Theater of Operations United States Army, 21 June     1944 to 28 June 1944. 4 Officers and 31 Enlisted Men.

               Disembarked at Greenock, Scotland 28 June 1944 and arrived at Camp 18, Embrough, England,            18 Miles South East of Bath.

                Left Camp 18, Embrough, England and arrived Tidworth Barracks, Tidworth Wilts, England 9 August 1944.

     The following information comes from the October 1944 Monthly report of the 32th, from Tidworth Barracks, England:

            Personnel: The Table of Organization and Equipment No. 20-47, dated 31 August 1943 authorized a strength of four officers and thirty one enlisted men. Enlisted Personnel drawn through Army Special Forces, Headquarters 9th Service Command and Personnel Re-assignment Centers.


            Quarters: From the time of arrival in the United Kingdom until the 9th of August 1944, during which time the unit was located at Camp 18, Embrough England, the officers and enlisted men were quartered in tents. Since coming to this post, the officers and enlisted men have been quartered in two-story brick buildings.

            Mess: Since the Arrival in Great Britain, the officers and enlisted men have messed in brick buildings adequately equipped.                                   

     The functions of this company are as follows:

                (1) Company administration

                (2) Receiving of Replacements

                (3) Clothing of Individuals

                (4) Messing of the individuals

                (5) Utilization of Replacements’ time while attached to Company

                        (a) Training

                        (b) Physical conditioning

                        (c)  Furnishing of necessary details, as directed by higher echelons.

(6) Delivery of properly equipped replacement personnel to designated entrainment and embarkation locations.

                (7) Furnish the security for organization.

            Operations:  Since the company’s arrival in England, the main objective has been to clothe, equip, and administrate replacements going to the far shore. Packets or packages consisting of 240 enlisted men and 10 officers have been formed and shipped for combat duty. The first group of replacements consisted of 800 enlisted men and 50 officers, all armored personnel. The second group, infantry replacements, consist of 750 enlisted men and 20 officers. In addition, this company has also processed casuals.

The 325th Reinforcement Company was inactivated 23 September 1945 by the 54th Reinforcement Battalion at the Calas Staging Area in France. Per General Order #36, amended as General Order 38, dated 20 September 1945.

Source: 54th Reinforcement Battalion History file, National Archives.