211th Replacement Company

 The 211th Replacement Company was activated 23 May 1943 as part of the 54th Replacement Battalion, at Camp Sutton, North Carolina. It was originally designated Company “C” and was redesignated the 211th on 1 November 43.

The following Officers were listed in information from the 54th Replacement Battalion history:

Boyer, Walter B. 2nd Lt, Ord. 01557618. Joined Battalion of 4 December 1944 from OORP, Ord School, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Md.  On 24 Jan 44 Boyer was transferred to the 211th Replacement Company. From23 January to 18 February 44 he was on detached service with the 9th Replacement Depot. On 24 Apr 44 Boyer was released from assignment with the 210th Replacement Company and assigned to Hq Det, 54th Repl BN. A 13 April 44 quarterly report from the 210th Replacement Company reported that Boyer joined from the 211th Replacement Co.

Binger, Albert E. 2nd Lt, AUS, 01895561. Trained at OCS#2, Grinnell, Iowa. Listed as Company C Platoon Commander in May 1943. 2 July 1943, transferred to QM Replacement Pool, Charlotte, NC. 

Clark, Ellis, 2nd Lt., AUS, joined 10 June 1943.

 Edwards, Roy C., 2nd Lt., AUS, joined 9 June 1943.

 Fine, Louis L. 2nd Lt, AUS 01895774.  On 6 December 1943 promoted to 1st Lt. On 9 December transferred to 211 Replacement Company. Listed in January 1944 as Platoon Commanding Officer 211th. 24 Jan 44 transferred to HQ as Trans Officer.  24 April 44 released from assignment Hq, assigned 210th Replacement Company.

Hart, Ira W. Capt. AUS 01895711. OCS#2, AAS, Grinnell Iowa. Listed as C Co Platoon Commander May 1943. Listed as C Co Platoon Commander Sept 1943. Promoted to 1st Lt on 10 December 1943. 29 Jan 44 transferred to CO 210th Replacement Company

Captain Ira Hart, Septemes France, 1945.

Captain Ira Hart, Septemes France, 1945.


        Morrissey, Harold R. 2nd Lt, AUS 01895761.  OCS#2, AAS, Grinnell Iowa. Listed as C Plat Commander May and Sept 1943. On 27 October 1943, SD CMP, Camp Butner.  Released from SD 27 November 1943. Transferred to Hq Co. 12th Repl Depot, 7 December, 1943. Muller, Harold G. 2nd Lt, Inf, 01316189. IRTC, Camp Wheeler Ga. Listed as C Co Commander in May 1943 and September 1943. Promoted to 1st Lt on 22 October 1943. April 44 CO 211th. 6 April 44 transferred to 71st Replacement BN (209th Repl Co.)  No further information.

Noffsinger, William G, 2nd Lt, US 01845289.  Assigned to Co C on 20 July 1943.  Listed as C Co Platoon Commander in September 1943. Transferred to BN Hq, BN Asst Adj on 24 September 1943. Transferred to Co C, 15 October 1943. Transferred to 209th Repl Co on 9 December 1943.

Schommer, Harvey C. 2nd Lt, QMC 01584860. Joined from Hq Co, 12th Replacement Depot Camp Butner NC. Joined and assigned to the 211th Replacement Company on 7 December 1943. Jan 44 211th Plat Cmdr. 23 Jan 44 Detached Service 9th Replacement Depot. April 44 Detached Service 9th Repl Depot.

             Staman, Albert P., Joined June 11, 1943.

Williams, Tracy. 2nd Lt, AUS 0506976.   Transferred to 211th Replacement Company 29 Jan 44. 30 Jan to 18 Feb 44 on Detached Service, 9th Replacement Depot. 6 April 44 transferred to 71st Replacement BN.   

     The 211th Replacement Company was attached to the following:

            54th Replacement Battalion:  23 May 1943 to 6 April 1944

            71st Replacement Battalion, 9th Replacement Depot, 6 April 1944 to ?

Unit Roster for the 211th Replacement Company as of 8 January 1944, on departure from the US with the 54th Replacement Battalion.


Wilhelmy, Paul E., 1 Sgt, original cadre

Johnson, Howard A., S Sgt, original cadre

Menozzi, Ralph,  S Sgt, original cadre

Fulton, Reed C., Sgt

Sitze, Edwin L., Sgt, original cadre

Ulrey, Nelson H., Sgt, original cadre

Stewart, Russell C., T4

Thompson, George L., T4

Carrell, Glenn P., Cpl

Ferland, Edmond P., Cpl

Freije, Abraham C., Cpl

Graff, William E., Cpl

Graziano, Charles P., Cpl

Narcez, Abraham, I., Cpl

Plaag, Robert G., Cpl

Wierzbicki, Eugene M., Cpl

Agostinelli, Joseph, T5

Boren, Owen C., T5

Pennacchio, Nicholas J.,T5

Smith, Anthony F., T5

Vance, Leroy, T5

Dooley, Joseph, Pfc

Haerle, Walter F., Pfc

Jimerson, Billy E., Pfc

Raia, Anthony M., Pfc

Roselli, Carmello, Pfc

Sabacinski, Michael W., Pfc

Ezzo, Michael J., Pvt

Haggar, Alfred J., Pvt

Vecchio, Anthony, Pvt

Source: National Archives, 54th Repl BN unit history