I have been creating in some form since I was a kid. Forts, piles of rocks, bones, 4-H projects and such led to craft shows, rustic furniture, trade shows and lots of time on the road. I juried into my first show in high school.  Shelley is incredibly talented and has created award winning jewelry. She can do pottery, draws, paints, and collaborates with me on many of the folk art and tramp art projects. 

Lately I have been spending most of my shop time on tinsmithing and a some folk art pieces. I am soaking up a lot of influences from early 20th Century folk art and from the stone, wood and metal work of Paris and London. I still love rustic furniture but have not made any in a while.

Life is a journey with lots of detours. I used to worry about concentrating on one thing and really pushing it. But I have become older, more curious about tools and techniques, and just a little more lazy. Rather than producing a truck load to take to a trade show, I now enjoy making one or two of something and see where that leads me.

So contrary to my business/science degree training, I am unfocused, scattered, have the attention span of a gnat, buy way too may tools, but still manage to create in some way most days.